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You are on a page which bypasses the payment page (with the coupon code) to the $2,060 yearly service offered to the public. Once you enroll here for free, you're going to get everything they get. 

Before you scroll to the bottom and sign up, please read and understand how it works and my style of trading. 

Weekly (and sometimes daily) Analysis

Every weekend I use the downtime to go through the market and various asset classes to present a roadmap of possibilities for the week ahead. Many times (when the market is trending in the same direction) the analysis doesn't change much, and in extremely volatile conditions it can change on a daily or even Intraday basis.

The updates are posted to the Traders Blog in the Members Area and I usually email subscribers at the same time they are posted so you don't have to check the blog and wonder if something new is there.

At the bottom of every email is an opt-out link. If you click it, you're not going to get updates. If this happens accidently, email me or DM in Discord and I'll reset it for you.

These updates provide targets we are looking for to enter / exit positions. Many times I'll be around and post my entries, exits, or scale outs (partial exits) to the Discord channel, sometimes I am not and have sell or buy limits with stops and take profits to execute in case I'm not watching.

The Discord Server

This market is extremely fluid. When I'm watching, I'm constantly measuring and re-measuring waves to assess targets. I post these and levels to watch in the channel.

This is of course private, for paid members. You'll see the link to it in your members back office, and I ask you update your back office with your Discord Username so that when we cull people out who haven't paid, you remain. If you have no username, you might end up losing access.

PS: I'm really lazy and have not actually done this or even changed the server in ages. Just don't tell anyone.

How to Training

7 Videos Show You Everything From A to Z, Even If You Know Nothing About The Markets. 

If you want extreme leverage and you want perfect entries and exits, learning price action patterns is going to help tremendously. 

If you want insane leverage with minimal risk, you'll need to learn about CFD's, Forex, etc.. I rarely trade options, since I can get the same or better leverage with SPX CFD's and not have to worry about time decay. Not only that, I can trade fractionals, even less than the mini-ES if I don't feel like exposing much risk on trades which are not high probability.

If you do not have a Forex Account, I'd appreciate it if you used my link to set one up here.

It is also posted in the back office. There might be some old info there. I no longer use FxChoice since they stopped offering crypto 24/7 and the rest of their offerings are not as vast as Fxsway.

The videos will take about an hour and a half to go through. Setting up the Forex account is simple as well, but you have to fund it in crypto. No KFC is required (even though they ask for it). I've never had issues.

Notes on my Trading Style

You will find I'm extremely anal about entering trades. Very rarely do I post an entry with a wide stop. I mainly look for pivots based on Fib levels, and if one level is blow through, it goes to the next, and sometime the next, etc... IMHO, there is absolutely zero reason to have a stop above the last level and suffer ridiculous drawdown before the trade turns profitable (if it does) when you can simply exit for a tiny loss and take another stab at it at the next level. If I'm trading off a trendline rejection or bounce, it's also fairly straight-forward and you'll immediately know if the decision is correct or not. Hope & Pray is not a trading strategy.

Here's a recent example, the bounce from 3900 prior to NFP:

I had a potential turn point at 3956. The market stalled there and started to turn. We shorted. It did not drop low enough quickly to move a stop to entry and went higher, stopping us out for a 3 point loss. The next level was 4003. It did not look like it was turning there, so we left it alone. Overnight, the market went sideways. I gave upside targets of 4017 and 4043. We got the turn at 4017. We scaled out most of it at 3937 after a bounce from 3925 for an 83 point profit in one session, and holding the rest in profit, in addition to trades from higher up (4637, 4312, and 4220) some of which we have also taken some profit on. All of them have stops at entry. I have targets for the scalp and targets for the overall wave for the swing trades. 

I also scale out to protect profits, sometimes early on, since we don't know if a reversal is in progress. After we see a recognizable pattern, I'll add shorter-term swings or scalps to the trade. IE: We are holding multiple positions in SPX short, one from as high up as 4637 from April 2022 and others from more recent highs. Same thing with EUR/USD.

We never know what the market is ultimately going to do, so although I can guess at whether or not we are taking a swing trade or a scalp, sometimes one turns into the other...

As of late, EUR/USD (as boring as it is) has really been bread and butter. It's complete dog shit and easy to profit on shorts since 2021. I told subscribers in November 2020 it would top in January 2021 and at some point likely break the triangle pattern at the bottom and head below 1 to .94, then possibly .80. That's over a year ago and it's on its way and has been down ever since (except a retrace from March 2001 to a lower high in May)... I really, really, encourage you to set up a Forex account, even Demo, so you can see the incredible profit potential over options or nearly anything else. On occasion, we play crypto the same way. I'm short ETH from over 2K in my Forex account and took half off in the 1500's. You'll see we trade indices the same way, and even some stocks, like AAPL. 

I mainly use Elliott Wave to get an idea of where the market is going, but relying on it (or any tool 100%) will (and has caused me) to miss opportunities. The market makers know every TA trick in the toolbox and will do whatever they can to fake you out before taking this market where they want it. Price is KING, and that's why I rely on RAW price action once it is at expected levels. Every single indicator LAGS. Except Price, Elliott Wave (to a degree) and Astrology (which is of course used to time the market). Now that Central Banks have backed-off to a degree, the absence of un-natural forces driving the market has improved accuracy with Astrology and WD Gann Methodology. 2022 has been the toughest market to trade in over a decade, yet my results are simply kicking ass over previous years. By a landslide. 

Some Quirks in The System, What to Expect Next

I set this up on the fly by copying my home page, editing some sections, and offering a discount coupon below (100%) on the service. Normally people get a welcome email with login instructions. I've tested it, but also tested the gateway I'm giving you now, and for some reason, it doesn't seem to send welcome emails when using the free coupon.

So remember your username and password and this link:

Once you're in the site, have a look around.

You can see my short-term, medium-term, and longer-term market outlook, go through the basic training videos, read the prior updates on the blog, etc....

What's The Catch?
Why Is This Free?

Because you're in GG33.

Understand, I'm not at the same level as Roger or Gary. Nowhere close when it comes to their spectacular calls (well I had a few). But, I am consistent and make decent money doing this with minimal risk on a day-to-day basis. My goal here is to give back to the GG33 community. Maybe at some point down the road if you gained tremendous value out of it and want to provide a testimonial, that would be great, but I'm not promoting anything at the moment. In fact, 2023 is my enemy year and I'd prefer to stay under the radar as much as possible. My trading might be reduced to larger swings over longer timeframes. When you see my views on this market from now to Nov 2023 in the members back office, you'll see why.

I've also tried to help out in the GG33 Flock channel, which led to this. Problem is, I can't post to my own channel then update in Flock in a fast moving market. I realized this when I told you guys (and gals) the night before NFP SPX was going to bounce from 3900 because it was shit out of room to the downside, and the next morning the market moved so fast, I couldn't get back there in time to tell you to short it at 4017. It's much easier for me to simply let everyone see what I give subscribers on a daily, weekly, and intra-day basis in real-time.

Getting Started

Click on the Annual ($2,060) option below.
Scroll down in the T&C box and click agree.

In the coupon box, enter the code you were given and click Apply. 

It will change the price to $0.00 and you will not need to supply any paypal or payment information. It's simply going to add you as a paid user to the system. See above in case you do not receive the welcome email. Any questions, shoot me an email,, or DM me in Flock or Discord (but really, I suck at knowing I even have messages there, let alone replying to them).

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